• Generate Unlimited Characters

  • Already Rigged

  • Customize Character

  • Tweak Facial and Body Attributes

  • Change Character Height

  • Change Outfit

  • Use Procedural Textures

  • Export generated character

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What is AYMultiCharacter?

AYMultiCharacter is a series of character-generating blender kits comprising; AYMale, AYFemale, and AYKid allowing users to generate endless 3d animation-ready characters with a single click. AYMultiCharacter started as an inhouse character generator tool and has expanded into a tool we can’t keep to ourselves.

Get real-time updates as you dynamically tweak and change character’s face, eyes size and placement, height, weight, nose shape, ear shape, lips shapes and placement, eyes color, skin color, outfit, etc.

There are varied outfit types to choose from: Tops, Pants, Jumpsuits, swimsuits, skirts, jackets, etc. The outfit section makes changing and editing outfit fast. Change each outfit style, color, texture, and bump.

Face Change
Body Change
Outfit Change

AYMultiCharacter has 3 variations; Starter kit, Standard Kit, and Complete Kit. The character change is the same for all variations, the only difference is the total number of base meshes, outfits, and props.

AYMultiCharacter is not limited to what it’s shipped with. Irrespective of the variation, you can easily grow and customize your library by adding more outfits, eyebrows, lashes, teeth, etc. The update feature makes it possible to remove or add meshes to the kit.

Generated characters can be exported to . blender, .obj, and .fbx.