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This series focuses on how to use the AYMultiCharacter Kit. AYMultiCharacter is a series of character-generating blender kits comprising; AYMale, AYFemale, and AYKid allowing users to generate endless 3d animation-ready characters with a single click.

This is a problem-solving YouTube video series on Blender 3d software. Most of the problems solved in the series were issues we’ve faced ourselves while working on projects. Each video focuses on one topic at a time ranging from Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Rendering to Animation.

Let’s Talk Animation is a series of tips and tricks video tutorials that shows our thoughts and processes involved in achieving 3d tasks.
Each video focuses on one workflow at a time showing the fastest method involved and the proper way to implement them.

Anniva is an animated fan art of “The Greatest Showman ” movie (TGS).
Our workflow through the Modeling stage, UV and Texturing, Rigging and Environment setup, and finally Animation, were explicitly covered in this recorded video series. Enjoy the timelapse videos.

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